Nine: Time Travel – Episode 12 Recap

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h12m50s54We don’t start with the kiss, which is fine, I guess, since we have a lot of kissing in Show…

❈ ✾ ✽ ✼ ✺ ✸ ✸ ✺ ✼ ✾ ❈

Empty playground in the rain. (Is our couple in the phone booth? Yes? Ah, no…)


A very silent pair is driving somewhere — reflecting on the consequences to come perhaps? At a red light, Sun-woo asks Min-young if she’s cold and gets her a blanket. Should they go to the hospital? She demurs and he takes her home for fever medicine.


Even before they go in the house, Min-young is passed out in the front seat. Sun-woo carries her to his room and puts her on the bed. We see the album sleeve is still out with the “I will always love you.” Quickly, Sun-woo grabs towels for her.  She becomes alert enough to refuse to go to the ER. She wants to stay there. He brings over the change of clothes anyway, and starts to unbutton her shirt.


Min-young’s memory seems to be coming back from before Nepal. She reminds him that they met in the ER.

Flashback 6 years ago

At a norebang, the new employees have to entertain the other CBM  workers. Min-young and the other one are dancing and singing their hearts out.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h06m29s89Sun-woo is late to the party. Outside the room, Sun-woo comments they are making a horrible noise, then opens the door –onto Min-young’s head! Down she goes, out even before the count, and Chul-min  scolds Sun-woo for beating her up. He’s trying to refuse responsibility but ends up taking her to the ER anyway.


Min-young (pig-tailed like a four year old? Maybe six.) suddenly awakens. (I should completely hate her for that hair, but gol-darnit, she’s cute.) Ornery Sun-woo introduces himself as her Sunbae, but she has never seen him before.

He launches into a scolding and a warning in an attempt to scare her into listening.


He doesn’t like: “People who can’t control themselves when they are drunk. People like you.  You pulled my hair on our way here.  You threw up 3 times on my clothes. You kept making fun of the taxi driver because he was bald.  You kept crying about getting a piggy-back-ride, and I hurt my back while carrying you. You made the entire ER a mess.  You told everyone here that you’re a reporter for CBM. You embarrassed us.  You’re the worst. Joo Min-young. I got you now.  Your work life isn’t going to be fun now. You can anticipate it.”

Min-young’s dreamy eyed response is: Yes.

He’s surprised, however, that she doesn’t resist. Instead, she has fallen in love.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h09m13s191 (I have also fallen in love with his blue shirt, black jeans and his pointing finger and puke-covered jacket.)

She keeps looking up at him with saucer-eyes and finally tells him she thinks he’s awesome. LOL She acts all flirty and asks if he has a girlfriend, and helpfully informs him that she doesn’t have a boyfriend. He calls her an idiot, and she covers her face with her hand. (OMG. I can totally see how they became a couple.)



She asks why he called her an idiot, and he tells her because she is.

Min-young has recovered all their together memories, too. She’s not too sure what it all means, but she misses the other version of her life.

Outside the storm rages with thunder and lightning. Inside, Sun-woo looks out at the rain.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h10m44s77 Min-young comes out of her sleep again. She knows she has another, the original stepfather in Boston. It confuses her — which is real? Sun-woo apologizes.

Then makes a suggestion (one of my favorite for any Romeo and Juliet couple)

“Let’s leave together.”

To go where? She asks.

“Where no one can find us.  If you ask me to live with you far away, I would gladly do it. If you say that it’s okay that we stay as family, I will just be a good uncle to you. (Heart shattered into a million pieces here.)

If you want to see me sometimes without anyone knowing…I’m okay with that too. (Shattered heart shatters more.)

ER talk

I will do anything you like.”
This is all too too much for her to take in at that point. She remains silent.

“So which is it?””

There is such hopefulness and despair in his expression as she listens. He knows that in this reality, they have very little chance of staying together.

Min-young shivers and cries. Sun-woo goes off to make her soup. Both lost in thought of their grim future.  When he brings back the food, she is asleep. He wipes a tear from her cheek.

As he gets up to put the soup tray down, he notices the words are coming off the guitar as he watches. What is changing?  We see young Sun-woo in 1992 is wiping away the old words. “Why didn’t you come?”


Present Sun-woo sees the newest words being written. “Did you get it?”

Get what? Sun-woo says out loud.

“What I sent you.” 1992 Sun-woo writes as if in response.

Young Sun-woo turns out his bedroom light, and present Sun-woo finds the diary.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h20m39s139He reads new entry about how a black envelope was sent over from the Police department.  It is the incense (and I am yelling. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFck!)  The Noona brings him food and lets young Sun-woo know they found his fingerprints on it! Strange, he writes, he has never seen it, but it has his fingerprints. That is why he guessed it belonged to Adult Sun-woo.


Present, Sun-woo finds the box in his closet with the incense holder. He opens it and finds the two that he left in 1992 on purpose. Epic scary music plays, and we all wonder what the new consequences are.  Young Sun-woo included a note in the bag.

“I kept these 20 years for you,” and wants to know why he didn’t keep the promise to go see him. We see him place the bag in the closet.


Sun-woo turns to look at sleeping Min-young as thunder and lightning crash and flash.

At Young-hoon’s hospital, Young-hoon finds a completely miserable Cute Hoobae telling him how Min-young has been missing for 24 hours.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h22m50s169At that moment, Young-hoon gets a call from Sun-woo who tells the doctor to come over, but keep it a secret. Cute Hoobae is suspicious, but Young-hoon pushes him away.


Young-hoon catches Sun-woo as he leaves his mansion to go out.

Why is Min-young staying with him? Young-hoon wonders.

In Young-hoon’s eyes, this is a complete reversal of Sun-woo’s earlier decision to forget their past life. Sun-woo defends himself saying the whole thing is his fault to start; he can’t make Min-young suffer alone as her memories keep coming back. He tells Young-hoon “YOU are the only one that can help her.”

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h25m40s84In the house, Young-hoon watches the sleeping girl and takes a deep breath.

Sun-woo recalls their conversation before he drove away to see Hyung. They talk about the scandal that would erupt if they announce their niece/uncle love. He shows Young-hoon he found the cursed incense sticks.


Min-young wakes as Young-hoon administers an IV, and tellingly calls Sun-woo Sunbae instead of Samchoon. Sleepily, she says she is glad that her uncle isn’t her uncle, and hey, why DID you matchmake a guy and me? Young-hoon has no excuse. She tells him she can’t get married as she is already married.

In a flashback, Sun-woo and Young-hoon return to the discussion of the cursed incense sticks. Young-hoon even refers to them as the devil’s work. Isn’t Sun-woo afraid after all that happened?  Sun-woo says he’s scared to death, but this thing that he already didn’t have control over is becoming less manageable.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h27m53s125It is way bigger than he thought it could get. Other people’s wills whom he didn’t tell anything to have changed. Min-young is getting her memories back and Young Sun-woo sent the sticks of his own volition.

He has realized that he didn’t decide to use the sticks, the sticks found him.

Sun-woo is going to talk to Hyung because it was Hyung who started it all. Maybe they can bring everything back to the way it was.  Young-hoon isn’t too sure.

Cute Hoobae is standing sad in front of his possible future father in law, admitting he can’t find Min-young with two days to the wedding. When he leaves, Hyung tries to get her again on the phone.

Sun-woo, to Hyung’s surprise, shows up.

They sit. vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h40m18s160When Hyung brings up the wedding, Sun-woo confesses that Min-young is at his house because she is ill. Oh, and by the way, she can’t get married because she is married to me. Last December.

Sun-woo shows Hyung the incense. “It’s not incest,” he explains, “since you are not her father.”

“What are you saying?” Hyung cannot be more confused, until Sun-woo informs him that Hyung died in the Himalayas to get the incense sticks, at which time he becomes a LOT more confused.


Chul-min finds Sun-woo at the CBM offices and puts him in a headlock.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h43m43s162They talk about how Sun-woo has been slipping out of his duties lately, but after Sun-woo promises to attend the next get-together, Chul-min walks away happy.

Young-hoon phones Sun-woo, who is sitting in at his desk. Sun-woo informs his friend that now Hyung knows everything. EVERYTHING from the beginning.  We see Hyung sitting outside near the water thinking thinking thinking.  The world is literally spinning around him as he recalls Sun-woo’s story.  Sun-woo laid before him all the things that have happened in the past year. That Hyung died. That he found a time machine. That Hyung wanted to stop Dad’s death. That he wanted to get his girl back. Even though Hyung keeps asking “What?” it starts to make sense.

We see a mini-flashback of Young Hyung asking Shi-ah how she got his phone number.  Hyung is recalling the man at the murder scene, the fact that Sun-woo came out of nowhere to pummel him.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h51m03s202The emotional conversation when Sun-woo called him on the phone. Sun-woo tells Hyung that while he knows that he didn’t kill their father on purpose, he won’t forgive him for not confessing all those years ago. Choi changed for the worse on that day. It was starting then that the new more evil Choi started to get power.  Hyung needs to have the courage to confess.

If Hyung sets it right, everything will be set back. But Hyung has to agree.

Even after the sun sets, Hyung sits lost in thought by the water.


Sun-woo in the conference room at the studio, looks at his watch : 7:02 PM. Waiting. The phone rings. Hyung tells him he believes him. Things he didn’t understand back then make sense now. He confesses how much he has regretted his actions the last 20 years. He hasn’t slept well since and hasn’t been able to forget. It has been torture and he wanted to die.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-20h56m57s158Hyung thinks the sticks give them a god-given opportunity to fix what has happened.  He did consider turning himself in all those years ago before leaving the country.  If Sun-woo can go back and convince young Hyung to turn himself in, he thinks he will choose the right thing.

We see Sun-woo put the CCTV footage onto a VHS tape.

We see more of the conversation between Hyung and Sun-woo. It means that almost everything will change for Hyung. He loses his wife and daughter, so he wants to be assured they will be OK. They talk about how Hyung felt something was wrong – that his life doesn’t matter more than everyone else’s happiness.

Hyung invites his wife out to a fancy dinner pretending he just felt like it. Yoo-jin brings up Min-young.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-21h01m38s154Poor Hyung is preparing to say good-bye to this version of his life.

Sun-woo holds the VHS tape. Hyung advised Sun-woo that if he goes to the 1992 record store before 9 PM, Young Hyung would be working there.

Before lighting the incense, Sun-woo takes steps to avoid being found out this time; he lets his staff know he will be napping for 30 minutes and not to disturb him. He locks the door. Young-hoon gets a text informing him that things may change after the next half hour. Young-hoon’s response to his friend is not to mess around. What about his cancer?


He barely survived the last go around. Resolute, Sun-woo takes out the incense and prepares to time travel, lights the stick and disappears.

Flashback 1992

Young Hyung is counting the cash, and Yoo-jin comes in to tell him she is going to fetch Shi-ah from a friend’s.

Someone calls and we see Young Evil Choi’s incredibly scary face (ew!) holding a photo of Adult Sun-woo, but it doesn’t register for Hyung then.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-21h08m27s152 Suddenly, in the present at the restaurant, Adult Hyung remembers.


Past Choi tells him to call if he sees the man in the photo.  They have to get rid of him to help everyone.

Hyung immediately calls his brother, wanting to stop Sun-woo from running into a possibly dangerous situation back then, but it is too late.


Young Hyung holding a photo of Sun-woo goes up to the record store. Sun-woo greets him and Hyung, with wide eyes and shaking hands, hears Evil Choi’s voice over to get rid of him.

vlcsnap-2013-04-16-21h09m53s246vlcsnap-2013-04-16-21h10m33s134Jomo’s Comments

Episode 12 felt like a bridge from the first half of the story to the second. All the people that the time travel affected the most are in on it now. It was D-day: Decision time for them.  Min-young slowly realizing she preferred the first version of her memories. Sun-woo deciding he won’t give up Min-young if she will accept him while capitulating to what he thinks Fate via the boomerang incense sticks expects of him. Hyung accepting responsibility for what he did in 1992.

LJW looked especially handsome in every single shot tonight. It is a wonder what not having to pretend you have a brain tumor will do to improve your looks!

PS: I got real real close to guessing how the sticks come back to Sun-woo. I praise myself.

EE’s Comments

From this episode, it reminded me of a few things I think we are still not sure about. Who shoved Daddy Park? (I know we didn’t see it, and I thought Sun Woo didn’t see it because he looked away. And maybe the subs were not totally accurate when he tells Hyung Jung Woo that he saw him kill their father. I could have said something similar like “I know you killed father”.) Was that actually Hyung’s body found in the Himalayas? Did Min Young have a good relationship with her Step-father Joo? Obviously, she turned out okay but she also chooses to keep an ocean between them. As a former time traveler, why doesn’t Hyung have memories of the previous timeline? It seems like his conversation with Sun Woo filled in some gaps he was vaguely aware of, but he never appeared to actually *know*.
I think we are lucky that Sun Woo’s visits to the past are limited to 30 minutes, I am hoping that is not enough time for Choi to catch up and dispose of him. And he has come back from the dead before. I don’t know why Sun Woo did the incense from the studio rather than in his car, near the record store. That seems like he is wasting valuable time in the past to get over there. Yes, yes I know he has to be at the studio to do the news. But he has run off from the news desk before. And he even has The Hussy to run the show in his absence. I want him to use these last two sticks wisely, and he doesn’t seem to be off to a good start.

Credit subs: Dramafever

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29 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 12 Recap

  1. Takes LJW out of 2nd lead territory, boom, I’m in love! He looks more handsome as the drama progress, is that even possible? ❤

  2. Tehlimau says:

    Awesome possum. I cannot love NINE more. I have been lurking around Jomo, thanks for the recaps. I was devastated when Dramabeans stopped recapping this, but thankfully you came on. AND LJW is hot hot hot!

    • jomo143 says:

      Thanks for your comment! Beyond hot when he was scolding JMY. Maybe because he seemed to be trying a little to hard to be tough.

      I guess I have DB to thank for not recapping. I never ever would have started this project if they had. It was just the push I needed, and I assume EE, to get into this blogging biz.

      • EE says:

        Ditto to what Jomo said, I have attempted blogging about music and other things in the past but I think I needed the structure and deadline of recapping a series to keep with it (not to mention wanting to put something up worthy of Jomo’s blog . . .there is just something about being accountable to someone that makes me try harder).

      • jomo143 says:

        @ EE Don’t forget, YOU started the ball rolling with Ep 3.
        (And I am soooo glad you did!) I had to write up to YOUR standard!

  3. nomad says:

    Thank you for your recaps!! This epi feels rather slow, doesn’t it? A week to go…but there are still quite many episodes. Here’s hope for a happy ending!

    • EE says:

      Thanks for reading 🙂 And as for hope? Oh there had better be a happy ending. My sanity depends on it. I will lose it if we end the series with Min Young’s wedding to Seo-joon. Or if anyone dies for good. I just fiercely need them to be happy.

  4. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    I think this episode is the moment when I really fell in love with MY. I was floored when she pops out asking if he had a girlfriend in the ER. Wow, I would never be that forward, but this is who MY is. I just can’t believe it took 5 years for this firecracker to snag her man. I am on the MY/SW ship. I am ready to list them as my top 10 favorite couples of all KDramaland. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    • jomo143 says:

      I love the idea that he also fell for her her right then and there.
      That her subsequent kiss was welcome in the playground later.
      That her proposal of “just three months” stuck there in the back of his mind for years, niggling at him, but he was just too busy with his career to take the time for a relationship, but also never pursued any other woman, either.
      That he didn’t need to officially date her because he was there at her side as they learned about each other, enjoyed each other without the added pressure dating brings.
      That in his moment of need, he went to MY for comfort because she was the one who could hold his head in her lap and say, “There, there. I know it hurts, but I’m here to make it better.”
      I don’t want that to be the end for them, because that is heart-breaking, but, it would have been like that without the sticks, right?

      • Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

        Just like ‘Playful Kiss’, Seung-Jo loves Oh Ha-Ni long before he admits it. To admit is to bring on pressure. Still she lives with him and is a part of his life and eventually he can’t imagine life without her.

    • jomo143 says:

      @Julia “Can’t imagine his life without her”
      Which is why his offer to live as family uncle/niece is so wonderful, because he means it! *SOB*

  5. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    When SW goes to the record store, shouldn’t he call SW younger to help him convince JW? Or do we want to keep JW’s involvement with Dad’s death a secret from SW younger? Since SW younger is so eagerly awaiting his older self, are they going to *waste* a trip to the past without contacting SW younger?

    Do we have one of those twisty time conundrums that Hyung JW doesn’t remember the time changes because JW will travel to the Himalayas with the last remaining incense stick? I have this image that to pay for his crimes, JW will hike up in the snow even knowing that he is fated to die there because that is the spark that SW needs to start the time changes. How I wish I could read JW’s journal which was described as disjointed and confusing. Is it confusing because JW’s mind gets jumbled from all these time changes?

    I am not convinced the any character who comes back from the dead should stay alive in the end. Which is of course terrible because I love SW and don’t want him to have a tragic end.

    • jomo143 says:

      “I am not convinced the any character who comes back from the dead should stay alive in the end.”
      This is a very good point – reminds of the moral of The Monkey Paw- but, but, but, what if the lesson that They-who-sent-the-sticks is something nobody in the show has discovered yet? What if it is all about MOM? It should be all about MOM. MOM’s are the most important things in my any kid’s life, right?
      She seems to put there in her little wheelchair completely ignored…

      • Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

        The Money-Paw. I’ve been trying to remember the name of that story from my HS days for weeks because NINE reminds me of it.

        I’ve been thinking a lot about Mom. Mom feels like an element forgotten, a lost puzzle piece, I want THE REST OF THE STORY as they say.

  6. Tehlimau says:

    @jomo: for sure you guys have been doing an excellent job recapping! Just out of curiosity since you went to the DB meet, are the girls following Nine? I find it hard to believe that they are not as into it as us. I mean such drama perfection! But then again I may just be very subjective. Lol.

    • jomo143 says:

      Thank you for the kind words!
      I don’t know if they are following or not. I do know that they are drama fans first before recappers, so they are watching more than they have the time to write about.

  7. Makoto says:

    Thanks for the recaps. I skipped ep 11 recaps because I was busy, thank God I could manage to watch the drama somehow.
    Just wanna add praises list to the writers, in ep 11 when MY and SW kissed at the playground, wasn’t it the kiss they talking about in ep 1? Wow! I can’t believe they had planned it well. Everything happen in this drama really relates to the next episodes. So neat.
    The beginning of ep 12 is enough to melt everyone’s heart. Though I’m kinda hate SW in ep 11, because he left MY alone while she was confused with her original memory by denying it and even said that it was disgusting. But in ep 12 he changed back into awesone SW.

  8. sally_b says:

    Jomo & EE — THANK YOU. (I’ve been trying to make time to post since episode 11)
    “Real Life …WAE you be so interrupting to my Dramas? ”
    …. gives *real life* the StankEye —► ಠ_ಠ#

    Only time for one randomly focused comment:
    My heart absolutely fell apart (ashes) when Sun Woo was giving Min Young the soliloquy-of-options for their future life.
    * Let’s run away
    * I’ll just be your Uncle if you want ( ….as if anyone would choose that) O_o
    * If you want to see me sometimes without anyone knowing…I’m okay with that too

    weeeeeeeeeeeeping ~ omg .
    He’ll take anything he can get — just to spend a moment with her.
    I’m not a teary person. takes a LOT for a drama to squeeze that outta me.

    Nine…’ve got me. I’m yours.

  9. antoniazc says:

    how much do i love this episode and this drama… seriously this drama is perfection!!! and the preview from epi 13 makes me want monday to come right now!!! i know our SW will be safe, the drama has 8 epis to go, but i’m afraid this last time travel will afect the present time badly… i’m also worried about cancer, i’m worried that the 2 brothers are fated to die no matter what, i’m afraid of so many things cause i need this drama to have a happy ending. when you’re in fantasy world you can do anything you want, so writers are free to solve things as they want…

    “LJW looked especially handsome in every single shot tonight. It is a wonder what not having
    to pretend you have a brain tumor will do to improve your looks!”
    you’re so right!!! he’s really killing me with his looks in this episode, btw i looooooove you’re new header. LJW+blue shirt+black jeans+sunbae acting = hotness overload
    of course MY fell for him… i’m in love with him too!!!

  10. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    If you can identify The Monkey Paw, maybe you’ll remember the other short story I’ve been thinking about. I read it back in the 1970’s in HS, I believe. It involves some object that grants wishes, but you have to sell it for less than you bought it, and the last person in the story gets the object sold to him for a penny. There is some dire consequence if you don’t sell the object, as I recall.

    In any event, I do think the incense sticks are a curse, and I hadn’t realized that SW left them in the past not only to keep them from others but also to keep them from tempting himself. Scary how they came back to SW.

  11. Jamok says:

    This series is the best. Thanks jomo for the recaps

  12. Jamok says:

    I have been watching korean dramas since 2003 and usually I only watch the first 8 episode and then just skip to the last episode due to lack of interest in the flow of the story, of all the more than 50 korean dramas that I have watched, this is the first time that I have completely watch a korean drama or series without skipping or forwarding an episode. Each scene is very vital to the storyline and there was never a dull moment. This is also the first korean drama which urge me to think and predict what’s gonna happen. I’m always on the edge of my seat each time an unexpected twist happen . If the writers wii continue their exceptional writing in their last 8 episodes and will give us a happy ending between sunwoo and min young, then I can surely say that for me nine times time travel is the best korean drama ever. I really got addicted and hook with this series. A happy ending between the couple is I’m hoping.

    • EE says:

      Thank you for your comment and congrats on getting immersed for the first time 🙂 I love Nine too because what we assume in episode 1 can be disproved in episode 3 and twisted around again in episode 8, but it is never done in such a way that we as viewers feel we have been lied to.

  13. Ennayra says:

    I just discovered that you’re recapping Nine (did a search at dramabeans on an open thread). Thank you! Nine is my new crack drama. And what is this news that drama is 20 episodes long? This whole time I thought it was 16. This definitely shifts my outlook on the show. So interesting!

    Thanks again for the recaps. I really enjoy reading them and then reading everyone’s comments. 🙂

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