There and Back Again: The DBMeetup / NYC Edition

DBBBBThe Dramabeans Meetup was really really really really fun.  I drove there and back – 15 hours of driving total, and it was worth every second.   Javabeans is as beautiful and poised as you think she would be. Heads, Gummi and Girlfriday are as funny in person as they are in recaps. There was no arm-wrestling over MINEs, but there was some fighting over idol socks.   All the ladies were warm and welcoming and very willing to chat with us about everything. Although most of us had never met each other in person before, the room was filled with animated conversation and laughter with broad smiles from everyone.

I didn’t get to talk to everyone and I didn’t get everyone’s real names, but there will be other meetings, right?

PS I am not identifying everyone as I have no permission to use these photos, but I am the redhead with the red face who is shorter than everyone. If you are in one of the pictures and want me take it down, drop me an email and I will so no questions asked.  If you are in one and want to identify yourself.  Let us know in the comments!

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16 Responses to There and Back Again: The DBMeetup / NYC Edition

  1. Arhazivory says:

    Thanks Jomo. Wish I was there myself but glad to know the beanies had fun. 😀

  2. I made comments on the Drama Beans Open Thread, so forgive me if I am repeating myself. On Friday, I didn’t get back to the Berkshires until 7 pm, but the first thing I did was go to the Open Thread as I was sure those who could only wish they came to the Drama Beans Meetup would be hungry for news.

    At the DBMeetup, I met people of all ages from near and far. Emily flew in from Seattle, others drove or took trains or subways or taxis. Everyone put in effort to come. Many travelled alone, and quite a few “Dok-Mi” introverts made an exception to come out for the event. I was glad to meet them all.

    Before they opened the doors to the backroom at the 13th Step, I was hovering nearby when I overheard two people next to me say the word Korea. I found myself leaning in their direction and screwing up my courage to ask if they were KDrama fans. With warm affection, we greeted each other and began dissecting our dearest dramas. My nervousness evaporated. For the rest of the evening, no matter who I met, we had something in common. I lost track of the number of times someone admitted to me “My friends and family all think I’m nuts. I’ve felt like the only person who likes Korean drama.”

    All it took to strike up a conversation was a few questions
    1) What was your first drama?
    2) Do you have a favorite drama? (Or as Jomo said, it’s like picking a favorite child)
    3) What are you watching now?

    Some of the people had made dinner plans before the meetup, so had already had lively discussions and newly formed friendships. Others swapped contact information or set dates for future gatherings. It was clear this was only the beginning of KDrama friendships in RL.

    I never could have imagined discovering ‘Boys Over Flowers’ on Netflix a year ago would lead to me studying a foreign language, trying new foods, making DramaBeans my homepage, listening to KPop, and traveling to the Big City.

    It was a trip with a lot of firsts for me. First time eating in a Korean restaurant, saying a few Korean words out loud, watching Korean broadcast TV, going boggle-eyed when I discovered a store with Korean books, dramas, posters, and magazines. This is probably as close to a trip to Korea as I would get in this lifetime. I was thrilled.

    As with any travel, it was the people who made it the most special. Meeting someone who works at the UN, another who has traveled to Seoul, someone who had only found KDramas 6 months ago, another who couldn’t remember their first KDrama because they’ve grown up with them. Everyone had their own story. All were grinning with sparkling eyes talking about their passion.

    The party was a complete success in my estimation, and I am so glad I attended.

    • jomo143 says:

      Thank you for this!
      I think many of us have been on the same journey you described.
      So many new experiences came from falling into Dramabeans all those years ago.
      We are all fortunate to have found a place where this friendly of a community grew up!

    • nomad says:

      I was wondering of some details of the meet up, for some reason I didn’t check out the OT, silly me! Thank you for sharing!

    • Delicatecloud says:

      Hi there,
      It was great meeting so many “of us” at the DB meet up. I was glad to have been able to chat with you for a while before having to head on home because of an early start the next day. I worked at the UN!
      I enjoyed reading your post of the meetup. I will for sure visit this site often so I am sure to meet up with you to chat on dramas…

  3. dramabliss says:

    Wow, can see you had a grand time. Green with envy!
    In the photo of you with four other ladies, is Javabeans the one to your left and Girlfriday the one to your right?
    I was refreshing Dramabeans several times but could not see a news yet about the meet-up. Thanks for this, Jomo!

  4. Micola says:

    Thanks for this Jomo I live in the caribbean so i’d probably have to save to go to a meetup but i am glad You had fun. Thanks for sharing what it was like I was curious.
    My mom gets it when i watch the shows on tv she doesn’t get it when i lol while reading recaps though. She asked very seriously if i was going crazy.

  5. kfangurl says:

    Thanks for posting this, Jomo!! Being halfway across the globe, it’s likely that I’ll never be able to go to a DB meet up, so thank you for allowing me to live vicariously through you, even if just for a bit! Sounds like an awesome time, and the pix are fab! It’s a little mind-blowing to be able to actually see the faces of people that we’ve read, admired and appreciated for so long. Love! xx

  6. Enz says:

    Thanks for posting this and wish I could have met people who really added to our drama viewing experience and that includes all the drama beanies and not just the goddesses at dramabeans.

    Pillowhead and I had our own dramabeans meeting in Seoul, no less! We are still here and it has been fun, albeit with some challenges ( mainly physical – crook knees :().

    We’ll probably update our little trip to Seoul in the next OT :). See you all there.

  7. Enz now there is an idea. We have an event in Seoul where DramaBeanies from all over the world could meet up for a tour of Seoul together.

  8. From a meet up we had in Boston Friday with a picture of Mango Soju at the Myung Dong Korean restaurant in Allston, MA.

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