Nine: Two Sticks Left – A Sticking Point Poll

two sticks left

Time to discuss the BIG question:

The two sticks. Does he get them back or not? If so, how?

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7 Responses to Nine: Two Sticks Left – A Sticking Point Poll

  1. Micola says:

    Maybe the sticks are not the only mode of travelling back and forth. These are the same writes who did Queen InHyun probably he can go back and get them using his cellphone. if not \i think two would be the most interesting since it would show someone else using the sticks. But I doubt that will happen it would happen.

    • jomo143 says:

      I was one of the three people on the planet who was JUST FINE with the cell phone working in the other dimension. Feasibility is not the most important aspect of the time travel story, after all, it’s time travel story. But, not another cell phone, please!!

      If they want to flip this, use the album sleeve, but if I just thought of that, they won’t use it because they know we will have thought of that, and so far they have kept us all guessing. (How’s that for a sentence? I need more coffee…)

      • EE says:

        If Jomo is one of 3 people on the planet that was good with the QIHM cell phone, I am the second of the three . . . the show takes place in a magical world where time travel is possible. Why can’t we suspend belief to allow for a call? And the same goes for Nine: if burning incense can whisk you back 20 years, there could still be other talismans allowing for time travel (forward maybe? less than 20 years? more than 20 years?). I trust (especially since we are only half way) more surprises are in store.

  2. sally_b says:

    “They are changing the series title to Seven: Life Sucks”
    hahah! …had to choose that one. (I like all your ideas ~ so many directions to go, I can’t fathom it anymore) …just gonna let the writer reel it out ~ ~ ~ next episode can’t come too soon.

  3. am says:

    Since this is dramaland, I’m putting my bet on the sticks getting into the wrong hands. Kdramaland is a tough territory and walking from the living area to the kitchen means someone has already died or something. I voted for changing the title but maybe he will get them back but he’s gonna have to work hard for em.

    • jomo143 says:

      Good point. If the struggle he had finding them and getting them home in time was any indication, these sticks are not going to magically appear in his hand! It’s Choi, then, who finds them.

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