Nine: Time Travel – Episode 9 Recap


There has been a lot of math in this series, mostly subtraction, as we watch the number of sticks dwindle, and watch our hero’s chances turn to zero when he left his last two in 1992. But since there are twelve more episodes, math is our on our side, too.  All we need to do is sit back, put all spill-able things away from me ourselves, and prepare for what this creative team has reckoned to keep us on the edge once again, at least twelve more times.  Ready?

❃ ❂ ❁ ❀ ✿ ❀ ❁ ❂ ❃

It is 10am the day after Dad died, and Yoo-jin comes into the funeral with her daughter Shi-ah.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-18h57m43s246Shi-ah spots Hyung, and despite the circumstances, her face lights up and tells her mother “Look Ahjussi!” (Aww!) Her mother shooshes her. There is a small group of men discussing how strange it is they cremated the body without an autopsy. Just as they cast aspersions at Choi, he shows up looking as guilty as he possibly could.

Choi slithers in to pay his respects to Hyung and Mom. vlcsnap-2013-04-08-18h59m06s52Hyung is completely shell-shocked. Like the true snake Choi is, he hisses advice to Jun-woo instead of words of comfort. “Don’t betray yourself with your trembling hands. The Police are suspecting me. Stay calm Don’t say anything dumb.” He touches Hyung on the arm, and offers Mom public words of condolence. Mom, worried, tells him, “I forgot to tell you about the man.”

Present Choi in his car, thinks back to the funeral “Who is this The Stranger?”   In his memory, we see Choi takes Mom into the hallway, and she tells him more about The Stranger who bought me Glasses at the Movies. The Stranger never came forward in all that time for blackmail, so Choi forgot about it, until what Sun-woo told him about having evidence. Choi holds the flash drive. “Who is this guy?”

They show up at the DA’s office, and the crowd of reporters discuss the charges against him and surround him as he enters.

Outside Sun-woo’s house, Young-hoon is walking Min-young to her car.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h02m25s251She is rightfully curious and suspicious of how sick Sun-woo is, but Young-hoon assures her it is nothing.

“It’s embarrassing, men stuff.” LOL Min-young tells him not to try that Viagra line again, but Young-hoon explains Sun-woo is devastated after a break-up, that he was dumped.

Min-young wants to know more about this Joo Min-young, but Young-hoon doesn’t reply directly to her question. He changes the subject to fishing! Min-young tells him he is a terrible liar, and he shouldn’t even try to cheat on his wife. He pretends to be insulted by that.  She pulls away in her car, looking back and a very worried friend in her rear view mirror.

Young-hoon watches the car go, saddened by the fact Min-young as niece cannot offer the same comfort as Min-young girlfriend.  The ambulance comes to takes Sun-woo.

Min-young flashes back to the strange conversation with Sun-woo when he touched her face tenderly. vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h05m08s91She holds her hand to her cheek in the same spot. She wonders why he is crying, and remembers he said it was a secret. Deep in thought, she doesn’t notice that the light had changed.  Min-young cannot let go of this suspicion, and calls Young-hoon. He answers from  the ambulance.  She fires her accusations. Sun-woo had medication, but he isn’t listed as a patient, which means he is being treated under a fake name. She demands he tell her, she’s family, as a favor. Young-hoon hangs up and heaves a big sigh.


Jung-woo comes into Sun-woo’s hospital room. Both boys look crushed for different reasons. Poor sad Jung-woo berates himself for not getting there in time to save his Dad, while Hyung is overwhelmed by guilt. The fact that he cannot talk to anyone sympathetic about his own predicament makes this even more heart-wrenching.


Flash forward to present.

Hyung prints out his Letter of Resignation. (I can’t read hangul, but I know THAT letter by now.)

The ever persistent Min-young comes into his office. “Apa!”

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h08m40s165She makes him take her to lunch, where she chats non-stop about Samchoon. “Why’d he do that to you?” She and her mother worked up a story that the fight broke out over money. It’s kind of a good cover story to keep Mom from asking more questions, and Min-young is proud of herself. Hyung tells her to eat, and she tells him the same thing. He stirs his soup, but you can see he has no appetite.

(I get the feeling she isn’t going to leave any stone unturned before she finds out the BIG secret. Suddenly, I understand what the heck Sun-woo was up to when he said that word to her soooo many times, which makes me love him so much more, and makes me appreciate how well he knows this girl.)

Min-young leaves him outside the office when Cute Hoobae shows up.  An all-out marriage attack hits her from his side. He drags her to meet his very friendly parents,

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h13m26s205and she nervously greets them. The parents have obviously decided that she is the woman for him. They invite her to lunch, and she tries to say no, but realizes she has to go.  Her father, who has been watching, calls her name. Min-young confesses she never told her father that she was dating anyone!  Cute Hoobae introduces himself. (The confidence, it is strong with this one. If I didn’t completely hate him just for NOT being Sun-woo, I would like him.)


We find our hero in a small hospital room. He is blue-white and suffering. The doctor with him informs him that Dr. Han has scheduled a surgery to remove the tumor. “Would Sun-woo sign?” Sun-woo smiles at the futility of having an operation when he knows how bad-off he is now.   In another room, a line-up of doctors talk about Sun-woo’s tumor. The growth was impossibly fast. It even changed. The surgeon tells him to give up and scolds Young-hoon for not acting faster. Young-hoon’s mysterious reply about having another way to treat it just makes the other doctor mad. Young-hoon admits to being out of it for a month now.   We see Sun-woo sign the consent form, looking at the phone.


Hyung gets a call from Min-young from the CBM office. She apologizes for not having told him earlier that she was dating.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h21m29s172As she predicted, her father supports her and she is worried about her mother. She gathers her things and leaves.

Hyung signs the resignation letter, then opens his drawer of one needle and medicine bottle. (Really NOT a good hiding spot for an addict.)He holds the needle, then answers the phone instead.  Sun-woo shares his last words to his brother.

“I thought I should call you once at least.  I don’t want to have a conversation. So just listen to me. I don’t think I can ever forgive you. This isn’t up to me to forgive.  But let me ask you one thing.  You could get her after all that sacrifice. Be responsible.  Don’t just depend on drugs. Fight off depression.  Be a good doctor. Make your family happy.  If you can’t even do that…  Then my life is just too meaningless.  Visit Mom often before she passes.  Be a good husband. Be a good father.”   Hyung and he cry, it is even poignant when I realize Hyung has no idea what his brother has done for him.

After he finishes, Sun-woo crashes to the ground, a tear rolling down his face.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h25m06s36Hyung sobs. A nurse comes in and finds Sun-woo on the floor, and rings for help.


A buoyant Young Young-hoon is skipping and whistling merrily towards Sun-woo’s house in a happy red riding parka. Someone had a good time with Future Wifey in on the train to Chuncheon.

We haven’t seen this side of Young-hoon yet; it hurts me that he can’t stay in this good mood for long. He rings the bell, and goes in to find out the horror his friend has gone through in the past day. An aunt informs him about Dad’s passing and that Sun-woo is hospitalized.   In a very clever split screen, we see both Young-hoons, then just Adult Young-hoon praying for his friend in the hallway. The nurse calls the Adult in to tell him they have to operate stat.

We see Young-hoons take off in a sprint towards both Sun-woos in the hospital.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h27m43s69(I need to stop here to love love love Young-hoon now. We know what a good friend he IS for Sun-woo, but to see that he has been that concerned about his friend for that long touches me deeply. I may need to change who Hero is in my recaps.)

Young Young-hoon arrives at Sun-woos side looking down on him in concern. Adult Young-hoon does the same.

Little bandaged face Sun-woo yells at Little Red Parka Young-hoon about disappearing on him when he needed him most. Why didn’t he have his pager on him? Young-hoon is overcome with guilt. They both cry about his father’s passing.


Sun-woo lying on the gurney chides Young-hoon for trying to do the impossible and save his life. “Just kill me in peace.” Young-hoon claims he can save him, but Sun-woo calls him a liar, shaking his finger at him. He’s smiling as they roll him away into the elevator.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h31m27s11Young-hoon just watches him helplessly.

1992 Young Young-hoon gets scolded for crying “Make him laugh!” The aunt suggests.

Sun-woo sends her out of the room. In a conversation that would test most friendships, Sun-woo tells Young-hoon about the Man from the Future who warned him that his father would die, but that he didn’t believe him.


“Who was it?”   Young-hoon asks.

“Me, in 20 years.”  is the crazy response. “He came from the future.”

We see Sun-woo being prepped for emergency surgery.

Younger Young-hoon holds Sun-woo’s ID card. He admits that he does look like his friend. They talk about how Sun-woo’s warning that someone else was going to die, and the 9PM meeting time that night. Sun-woo asks Young-hoon to go in his place.


At the hospital, Young-hoon is outside the operating room deciding if he should call Min-young or not. He remembers her pointed questions regarding Sun-woo’s prescriptions. He calls.

Min-young is covering the New Year’s Eve party in Seoul. There is a huge crowd, lots of noise, and one of the palaces.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h38m06s163 She and her sunbae discuss the best place to get a good view. Her phone rings and it’s Cute Hoobae. He tells her that his parents really really like her and they should get married in the spring.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h39m49s168She is shocked at the proposal, doesn’t seem she is in to him as he is with her. (OF course not, she loves Samchoon, I mean Sun-woo.) Fireworks break out and interrupt this conversation (to my great relief.)  Min-young hangs up then considers what just happened. She puts away her phone just as Young-hoon calls her. He goes into surgery without letting her know anything.


Younger Young-hoon rides his bike to the park where Adult Sun-woo suggested to meet himself. He examines the ID card again.

Surgery The operating surgeon tells everyone it is going to be difficult. Everyone will be spending New Year’s Eve in the operating room.


1992 Younger Young-hoon waits and waits and waits and waits for Sun-woo to show.

Surgery   (These scenes are bloody and scary. As we switch back and forth, I hope it is all right with you all if I just write: Surgery without a lot of descriptors.) Head doc says he can’t believe Sun-woo was even able to talk with a tumor like this. Young-hoon listens.

1992  11PM Younger Young-hoon waits.


Sun-woo recalls his conversation with himself how they need to talk for along time for Sun-woo to live a normal life. He gets a call from Young-hoon in a telephone booth. (QIHM fans- LOOK! Dr. Who fans, too!!) who doesn’t think he will show.

Young-hoon gets an idea”Where’s the beeper?” Maybe he’ll get a call on that.  Young-hoon goes to Sun-woo’s bedroom to retrieve it. He sees that nobody has called.

Surgery  It has bee going on for two and a half hours. Doesn’t look good. Bleeding breaks out.

1992  Sun-woo gets a call from Young-hoon who comes up with a conspiracy theory that the Future Man did it on purpose. Suddenly, Sun-woo realizes that the person who was going to die was, in fact, himself. That is why he didn’t show up at the park. Young-hoon doesn’t believe it, but Sun-woo is confident he is going to die at 38.

Surgery Head doc gives up and pats Young-hoon on the shoulder and walks out. Young-hoon wants to keep trying, even though the crew advises him to close. At least the patient can live a few more days.

1992  Young-hoon asks Sun-woo “So, what do you die from at 38?” Sun-woo says he didn’t get to talk to himself, so how should he know?

Surgery Blood pressure is dropping

1992 Young-hoon doesn’t let Sun-woo talk about dying. He’s coming to go hang out Sun-woo now at the hospital.

Surgery Young-hoon keeps at it, despite the warnings from the machines, and the blood coming out of Sun-woo.

1992 Young-hoon looks around Sun-woo’s bedroom.


Surgery Young-hoon is performing CPR and that shocking thing, even though Sun-woo has coded. “Please, please, please,”  he repeats. One of the others stop him. He looks down on his best friend.

1992 Young-hoon hold’s Sun-woo’s ID.

Surgery Young-hoon steps back from the operating table and falls to the ground. They cover Sun-woo with the sheet. (Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!) Young-hoon holds his head and cries.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h55m20s7 Min-young calls, saying it was too loud to hear the phone. She asks what’s up? Young-hoon doesn’t want to tell her, he starts…”Sun-woo…” She can’t hear him. “Sun-woo died.” The crowd drowns out what he said. He is about to tell her again when suddenly…suddenly EVERYTHING CHANGES!

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h57m01s251We get that strange time-was-just-messed-with-montage-flash.

1992 Young-hoon, in Sun-woo’s bedroom, drops something and looks for it.

Present Young-hoon reels as his memories get rewritten; he is unable to answer Min-young’s questions. He runs runs runs away.

1993 Young-hoon finds the prescription packet that Sun-woo dropped in the struggle with his younger self.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-19h58m35s160(Are you freaking kidding me?!!!!!!!!!!) It reads Hanseo Hospital. “Hmmm,” he thinks.

Present Young-hoon runs back into the operating room looking for the patient. The nurse informs him that he is being wheeled to the ICU. (Who puts dead people in the ICU?)

1992 Young-hoon calls Sun-woo and tells him about the pills. They deduce that Sun-woo is dying of a disease. Young-hoon orders his friend to get a doctor STAT.

Present Young-hoon runs and runs

1992 Young-hoon describes the pills to the doctor.

Present Young-hoon stops the folks moving the gurney.

1992 The doctor tells Young-hoon the drugs are for a brain tumor.

Present Young-hoon removes the white sheet slowly slowly, his hand shaking. It’s…it’s…it’s


Confetti! Party horns! Fireworks! Ornamental punctuation!!

✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢  ✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢ ✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢✰ ❢ ☺ ❢ ☃ ❢ ♡ ❢ ☆ ❢ ❤ ❢

Young-hoon hears Sun-woo’s voice from the television who is live broadcasting about the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

vlcsnap-2013-04-08-20h02m55s200Young-hoon smiles BIG toothy, best smile ever and asks. “Who’s a liar, you jerk? I DID save your life.”


Jomo’s comments

🙂 ♥ ☀

The number to celebrate in Ep 9 of 9 is two. Two friends, two Young-hoons saving his best friend’s life. This is not bromance; this is Heromance.  I ❤ HYH.

Subtitles Credit Dramafever

EE’s comments

I loved the *heromance* as well, and I was really admiring on the part of the younger Young-Hoon. I have been good with the younger Sun Woo (even though I thought the lip fiddling thing was a bit ham-handed that was more of a script thing than an acting choice), but to me there was a flawed moment in this episode. When he was talking to Hyung about how he should have saved Dad the tears felt too forced and the dynamic between them was awkward. To me, I thought he may be too inexperienced for nuance in such a grave scene. This was the first time I feel like I was taken out of this drama and just *aware* of how it was not quite working.
I also really liked the “mirror” experience of events between the late hours of 1992 and 2012 for Young-Hoon. It is like he is living those circumstances again to give him another chance to get it right.
I was excited that Young-Hoon gets a chance to change history. It gives me hope that Min Young will too. I have been thinking about how I want her to time travel. Obviously we want her to “know” the alternate timeline and be conscious of the fact that Sun Woo is her OTP (One True Pair). At least she senses her hottie doctor is not the one by faking that she didn’t hear is proposal due to the fireworks (and hooray for those fireworks actually keeping her from hearing Sun Woo died). I think I want her to time travel (or at least be more actively involved) because I don’t want her to be the damsel in distress. I want her to have a part in saving what should be, and not just being confused. This is a girl who publically flipped him off, I want her to put that same level of passion into being with him.
I also wonder if . . . Resurrected Sun Woo? (why do I feel like we will need a name for each new version who is fundamentally altered by time change events?) has memories of before, his time travel, or Joo Min Young. If so, then I think it is possible Hyung remembers his previous time line. Of course, surviving his brain tumor might mean he is blissfully unaware of how his father died (something he never shared with Young-Hoon, at least on screen). Lots of questions going into episode ten, I love it.

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18 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 9 Recap

  1. Thanks for the recap! I’m smiling after reading your recap. Yep, the same reaction that I had after watching the episode. So happy for them and I was crying tears of joy while trembling. The drama is effing awesome!

    I’m going crazy, trying to do the math about how the effect of the time travels work but I’ll just leave it to the production team and enjoy all the goodness. Heee

    I now understand why Lee Yi-kyung and Park Hyung-shik got cast. They perfectly captured the younger versions of Young-hoon and Sun-woo. I could see the bubbly Young-hoon in Yi-kyung and Hyung-sik has the same deep voice as Lee Jin-wook. All I can say is everything/everyone rocks up until this point!

    “I can’t read hangul, but I know THAT letter.”
    LOL everyone in kdramas must have that moment when they would write the resignation letter but they never use it!

  2. Makoto says:

    Thanks for the recap, Jomo.
    Doc Han, I Love youuuuuuu!!!
    I didn’t think that his role is soooo important. Writers, you surely are beyond my expectation. and I do love Park Hyung Shik start from now. *another noona fans*
    What distract me a bit is, why Min Young seems awkward with her boyfriend and his family? it’s okay with the family though, because maybe she doesn’t have a chance to

    get along with them yet, but with her own boyfriend at that age is quite ridiculous IMO.

    • jomo143 says:

      We need her to be awkward, we insist that she be awkward with him. There is no room for comfort when you are breaking Hero’s heart. (Was that a little too strong?)
      I think it is because she just started dating NOT with marriage intentions, while his family is way ahead of her.

      • Makoto says:

        It’s not that I don’t like her being awkward with him, too. But since she doesn’t remember any of her past as Joo Min Young, then I think at least give me something to prove that she’s totally Park Min Young. If she still awkward, then what’s the point she asks approval from Uncle and Dad? I prefer seeing her really in love with her BF right after her past changed and then at most crucial point she senses something wrong with their relationship, just like what had happened to Choi Hee Jin and Han Dong Min’s relationship. It’s more dramatic. Did I just sound too cruel?

      • jomo143 says:

        @Makoto- I see your point, but I don’t think they are the same type of character.
        By the way, don’t you think that JMY was a lot more mature than PMY? I feel like PMY grew up a little spoiled, where JMY’s struggles formed more of a back bone inside her.

      • Makoto says:

        Now that you mention, I notice it. Yup, I agree that PMY is a little spoiled. Look at the way she talks to her parents. Even to Dad, she treats him like her real Dad instead of stepdad. as JMY, she had no one to lean on, no one loved her so she was more independent. While as PMY she has Mom and Dad who love her, she grew up in a happy family, that’s why she becomes a bit spoiled girl. 🙂

  3. tarianant says:

    After watching it twice, without and with sub and read your recap, it still feels so good, yay! Young-hoon I mean Young-hoons are awesome, remind me of of KBD’s loyal maid turned gisaeng, I forgot the name. I love this drama team. The supporting characters have very important roles and they make us love em all. I loved basically everyone in QIHM, HJ’s manager, the charming ex, the gisaeng, the loyal manservant, even the horse! And the bad guy who actually had a brain. And this time around I love the cute surgeon (I found him cute in QIHM too, thanks for pointing that out), the BFF, the Hyung, love this episode. Thanks for the recap. So much fun.

    And yes, I also did “It’s a phone booth!!” like it was an UFO or something

  4. antoniazc says:

    great episode and great recap!!! thank you very much :))
    and lol at your final reaction, i am so happy with the ending that i can’t even tell…
    this show is really great
    and i love both Young-hoons too!!! omg they kill me with the bromance…
    and sw just breaks my heart everytime he’s on screen… i love him so much
    can’t wait for epi 10…

  5. Julia says:

    Heromance. I ❤ HYH I wish I had time to make that into a T-shirt before the DB Meetup.
    I ❤ HYH in 1992 and I ❤ HYH in 2012
    When I saw the confetti in your recap, I screamed in joy. Why do some series just GRAB us as fans? I am totally devoted to NINE.

    • jomo143 says:

      I would wear that shirt! Nobody would get it!!

      I wonder how many people are watching this series. Not meaning ratings since that doesn’t cover us. I think it is as good or better than a lot of recent series, but we hear very little buzz. That is why we are HERE to LOVE and to BUZZ!

  6. a_diva says:

    hi jomo. i found your blog when i was searching for recaps of nine (since series was dropped at dramabeans). this is my first time commenting although i’ve been reading along with you. thanks so much for the recaps! they’re great.

    now that introductions are out the way . . . let me say that this was some episode! i’ve loved some dramas in my day. i’ve been invested in some dramas in my day. i’ve been a bit anxious over what happens next in some dramas. but never have i waited with breath that was bated like i waited for young-hoon to pull that white sheet from the corpse in THIS episode. and when (to quote you) it was “NOT EFFING SUN-WOO!!” you would have thought it was my friend/brother/husband/son that i’d just discovered was alive.

    i have so much i could say that it’d take too long so let me end my reply by commenting on the timeline and changes throughout this series. i am still not sure what mechanisms the writers are using to justify the time travel, how it affects the people in sun woo’s life and himself, and why he and young-hoon seem to remember everything while others can’t. i have not watched episode 10 yet, so perhaps i will get more of an understanding then, but i almost want to rewatch the series and take careful notes to wrap my head around it all.

    anyway, goodbye for now. see you next week for episodes 11 & 12 hopefully!

    • jomo143 says:

      Glad you found us and very very glad you commented!
      There aren’t a lot of dramas that have had this affect on me, either, with the jumping and yelling.

      I think I like now that the source of that delight is not only the leading man. Lots of love to spread around with these characters.
      You definitely have to stop by and tell us what you think of Ep 10.
      QIHM was like that, too.

  7. nomad says:

    OMO! I love this episode, yayyyy!! He lives on, SW!! and how awesome is that best friend of his? I’m totally hooked with this writer, I love how thoughtfully written everything is. It kinda reminds me of Harry Potter series (the books). Little things that I didn’t think was significant, suddenly became the biggest thing ever. Loveeee!!!

  8. drisris says:

    Thank you for recapping this. It wasn’t until I read your “We get that strange time-was-just-messed-with-montage-flash.” that I finally understood WHEN the change happened. I will look for that messed-with-montage-flash in the next eleven episodes. That’s what I get for marathoning–a bit sleepy in the wee hours–can make a person a bit confused. I will watch it again with a clearer mind. And I will return here for your recaps as well. Keep up the good work!

    • jomo143 says:

      So glad you commented!
      I get chills re-reading this recap and remembering how fast my heart was beating, and how HAPPY I was at the change. What a great show. Enjoy the rest and tell us what you think.

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