When a Man…Looks Like This

When a man looks like this, it’s not easy to resist him.
Now I’m feeling kinda bad ’bout all the times I dissed him.
He’s got such pretty eyes and lovely auburn tinted hair.
Even if the show is awful, doesn’t matter. I’ll be there.


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8 Responses to When a Man…Looks Like This

  1. Laquita says:

    So you’ve seen When A Man Loves? It’s not good?

    • jomo143 says:

      I should really never say anything mean like that, should I?
      It should be IF IF the show is awful. Not that the show is awful.
      I am actually enjoying it.

  2. CMR Prindle says:

    Jomo the Wise is very wise indeed!

  3. EE says:

    Just curious about your thoughts re: the facial hair.

    • jomo143 says:

      It grows on me.
      Whew! THAT was funny.
      But seriously, EE, I stopped noticing it because of his eyes and hair and everything I know is under the suits.

  4. cass says:

    One of the first k dramas I ever watched was My Princess and I totally fell for SSH 😉 He is achingly pretty, and from watching his other dramas I would say Rom Com is definitely his forte rather than drama/melodrama, and please can we have more shower/stripped to the waist shots too!!

    I AM sticking with WAML purely just for Tae Sang Oppa …… 😉 I cannot stand either of the two pissy female leads and I keep mixing Yun Woo Jin up with Song Joong Ki in my head, the latter definitely being my preference in both looks and acting ability (plus I like an actor who can get to grips with his female co-stars in the kissing department, which SJK can really do well. I have no evidence on YWJ’s skill there as yet 😉 )

  5. cass says:

    I HATE the facial hair btw … porn ‘tache has hopefully gone for the duration.

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