Nine: Time Travel – Episode 8 Recap

monokeLee Jin-wook has never been on screen in any drama as much as he is in Nine. What strikes me is that he seems so natural in this role. Sun-woo’s really just a guy who has been thrust into a crazy situation where something impossible set in motion a chain of unfortunate events. He’s no classic hero, but he’s not an anti-hero, either. Maybe that is why I feel so bad watching him deal with all the crap he has been handed, and with every fiber my being I just want him to be happy again.

EE and I thank you for all the encouragement you have been giving us to complete these recaps. They were right in Kindergarten –  it is so much more fun to share!

❁ ❀ ✿ ❂ ❂ ✿ ❀ ❁

We begin the episode with Adult Sun-woo sitting in his car on adrenalin overload.

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h20m05s236All of the running and hitting and chasing leave him breathing hard, the feel of Young Hyung’s coat still fresh on his hands.


Hyung, as relieved as he is shocked that the crazy man is gone in a blink, slumps onto the ground.  hhyung

Across the decades, his dongsang’s anger has not left him; Sun-woo slams his hand on the steering wheel and restarts the car, and, well, we know where he’s headed and who he has unfinished business with.

Back in ’92, Hyung looks at the blood on his hands, acutely feeling the consequences now, and sobs.

Still at dinner, Jung-woo shows how unsettled his brother’s accusations made him and sits quietly while the others talk about ordering more wine. Up the stairs comes Sun-woo walking fast, making a beeline for the man he  just had by the shirt collar in an alley. vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h21m36s122Knocking past a waiter and his sister-in-law, he starts pummeling Jung-woo, while everyone watches in shock. Seriously, he landed a dozen full on belts before he stops himself. Finally, some of them men try to pull Sun-woo off and drag him away. Jung-woo’s wife is crying.

We see Sun-woo’s vision gets blurry, and he faints. Hyung, seemingly unperturbed, looks over his shoulder, knowing the Sun-woo’s tumor’s effects are hitting now.vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h23m06s1

Chul-min walks into the CBM studio and sees Min-young reading the news in the anchor chair. She leads into a story about pop music and idols and PSY’s big hit.  He asks what’s going on. The PD tells him how Sun-woo just ran out all of a sudden. There was nobody else, so they put Park Min-young in.  She has been fine so far.


Chul-min asks where Sun-woo went; nobody knows. They tried to call but he’s not answering.

“He’s nuts. Last broadcast of the year. He wasn’t even drinking.”

Chul-min asks about the closing, which I am guessing means sign-off.

Sun-woo was going to talk about health issues as the reason for leaving.

From the anchor desk, Min-young calls into them and asks about it, too. She wants to do it anyway, as an homage. The director’s too pissed and refuses, saying he’s the one who ran out on us. She makes the argument that he’s been doing the show for a year and…

(We hear see and PSY sing Gangnam Style in the background.)

But the PD tells her to shut up and stick to the script and that her ass in on the line. (That’s what the Korean sounded like, anyway.)

She says, “Fine,” but looks down disappointed.

Chul-min agrees with Min-young, however, and allows her to read Sun-woo’s sign-off.

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h25m29s152She brightens considerably. She informs the audience that due to health issues, Sun-woo would be stepping down and that Yoon Suk Hyun* would be taking over from tomorrow.  She reads Sun-woo’s prepared goodbye about how arrogance has brought down a hero. (I will fill in the words later, but my take was who he wrote was about Choi, but ironically, after what Sun-woo’s experiences, it sounded like he was talking about himself)  She says good night.    (*This is LJW’s character’s name in I Need Romance 2012.)

PD grumbles about how weird it is that Sun-woo who did something bad isn’t getting punished, but Chul-min doesn’t want to hear it and dismisses him with a “Good job.”

PD rants a little, complaining that if he were to walk out on a show, he wouldn’t get no stinking homage! “That it’s only cause he’s the boss’s favorite!”

The tall one says, “I love you Park Sun-woo, only Park Sun-woo!”

The PD replies “I hate Park Sun-woo I hate I hate!” like a little kid. I lol.

Chul-min walks out calling Bum-suk over, asking him to check all the ERs in Seoul for Sun-woo. The kid seems surprised. “Why would he go to an ER?”

Chul-min, says, “I don’t know. Just do it.”

Min-young pulls her phone out calling Sun-woo. Her mom answers, and Min-young asks why she’s answering Samchoon’s phone.

“What?!” she asks when her mom tells her.

We see Sun-woo unconscious, getting wheeled into the ambulance.

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h27m34s125Yoo-jin fills Min-young in. They can’t go to Jung-woo’s hospital, so they are going elsewhere to prevent gossip.  Yoo-jin doesn’t know why he came in and beat up her husband.  There wasn’t exactly time to ask.

Yoo-jin hands over Sun-woo’s phone to the driver saying she will see them at the hospital.

Min-young looks perplexed.

Inside the restaurant, the waiters sweep up, and Yoo-jin and Hyung talk. She tells him Sun-woo ran out of the broadcast suddenly — just to come here and beat him up. It doesn’t make any sense, and it isn’t anything like Sun-woo.   She knows something is up, so she asks if he really doesn’t know, or he is pretending he doesn’t know.

Hyung asks after Sun-woo, too dazed to listen to her response.


Sun-woo wakes up en route to the ER. He asks where they are going. The ER worker wants to check some things, but Sun-woo interrupts, asking for the time. They tell him 1:10am, and he gets up, even though he is holding his head in pain. He orders them to pull over, ripping the IV out of his arm (ouch!)  When they stop, he gets out and zombie walks away.


Yoo-jin hears about Sun-woo escaping. She is at a complete loss. She tells Hyung, who just stares, showing no reaction at all to anything.  He’s lost in a fog, and Yoo-jin tells him to pull himself together. She’s looking for the car keys, which he doesn’t have. She tells him to stay put and goes back into the restaurant.

Sun-woo calls his Hyung who braces himself before answering.

Hyung tries to approach his brother normally, but Sun-woo immediately starts with recriminations.  “You son of a bitch. You lied for twenty years? How can you call yourself a person? How could you have done it?”

Hyung doesn’t deny anything, but wants to know how he found out.

“Answer, me, you bastard!  How do you go on after killing your own father?”


Mom told him to, he says. Mom threatened to kill herself if he went to the police He’s been living in hell ever since, wanting to die every day.

Sun-woo asks “You’re crying?”   Hyung apologizes.

Sun-woo lays out all the bad things that happened as a result of father dying.  Sun-woo lost father, he lost Mom, and then Hyung deserted him. “You come back from the dead, plus you let me hate Choi. I wasted all those years.  You introduced me to the incense which led me to find out these horrible secrets I didn’t want to know.   You ruined my memory and took away my girl. It is beyond the point of no return.”

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h33m36s158Hyung has no response and cries.

Sun-woo swears to never forgive him. Hyung drops to the ground near the car, where his wife finds him.

Min-young is driving in the car – recalling when Sun-woo passed out at the restaurant, what her mother said about Sun-woo beating up her father and fainting. She remembers telling Sun-woo he has been acting cool when it is obvious something is bothering him. He admitted it. He said he made a mistake.  Mistake? She wonders.   She’s still puzzling over,  “I changed Joo Min-young to Park Min-young.”

She repeats “Joo Min-young” forcing it to mean something. (God I hope that works!)

Her mom calls her again and tells her Sun-woo didn’t go to the hospital after all, nobody knows where he is. Min-young tells her she intends to find Samchoon, but Yoo-jin wants her to go home. Min-young says she is worried about Dad and wants to go home to be with him, but her father doesn’t want to see anyone.

Dejected, sad, burnt out Sun-woo pulls up hear the hospital and lights one of the few remaining incense sticks. This time, he isn’t trying to stop anything. He goes back to his father’s office and kneels by the dead body, a pool of blood under his father’s head. He holds his father’s face in his hands and cries.

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h36m56s112So sad that he has to grieve all over again for a father he has now lost three times in twenty years.

We see him watching the surprising conversation between his parents with Jung-woo listening. It really is gut-wrenching.

Dad rants: It’s all their mother’s fault. You think this loser is my son? He doesn’t have my blood. This bastard’s too stupid to be mine.”  Mom begs him repeatedly to stop.vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h39m04s109

“Love?” He spits, “You’re both crazy.”  Dad drops the big one, that Mom was pregnant when she married him. “You know who your father is?  My friend:  Choi Jin-chul.” Hyung is shocked. Mom slaps Dad, who retaliates, striking her soooo hard. Dad’s a bastard, isn’t he?

A struggle breaks out. “I never should have married you!” Dad attacks Mom, Jung-woo trying to break it up. Mom ordering him to leave. Scuffling off camera.

Sun-woo has to look away. vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h40m32s217(I am glad it didn’t make it on screen, too.) He fast-forwards to when Choi showed up, wearing that evil evil grin.

She insists that Jung-woo tripped. It was an accident. Choi stops her from calling the police.

He walks Mom over to a chair, and convinces her in a strangely not soothing voice. Mom berates herself that it is her fault. Choi tells her to get a hold of herself. Does she want Jung-woo to suffer in jail?vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h41m54s13

We see Hyung in the alley weeping over his bloody hands when he gets a call on his beeper.  Choi is pacing over the dead body. He seems to be putting together a plan.

He tells Hyung to listen to him. The fact that Jung-woo made a mistake is not important. If he doesn’t want to cause Mom any grief, do what he says. Jung-woo wants to turn himself in. Jung-woo says, “I killed father.”

Choi tells him he would serve in prison for a minimum of three years.  He has to think of his family’s reputation… pull yourself together. How would Sun-woo be able to handle it? I’ll help you. Leave everything up to me. We just need to make sure all our stories match.”


Hyung washes his face and hands. Then sneaks back into Yoo-jin’s apartment, hangs his coat.  We hear Choi instructing him to go home and act like he knows nothing. “None of us were there, not me, not your mother, not you. It was an accident.”


Hyung rips through his desk and finds some drugs to shoot up. He spaces out and his head falls back on his chair.



Watching the recording of the fight, then hearing Choi’s disgusting plan, and finding out even more horrible family truths have a staggering effect on Sun-woo. He sits –  tears streaming down his face.

A sound makes him turn his head. Some guy with a ball cap goes into Dad’s office. The guy makes a phone call and asks someone if there is anything he needs (to take), pours gasoline over everything, and drops a  lit match.


Sun-woo, motionless, watches this through the cameras.

More tears as he closes the laptop. Flames engulf the office, and smoke creeps into the room where Sun-woo sits.

Another replay of Young Sun-woo on his bike riding to the Adult Sun-woo stands there – unable to do anything – letting the events play out as they have already a few times. He turns and leaves. Again, Young Sun-woo opens his father’s office door, again, he gets blown back.


Choi lies asleep in his office when Secretary Kim comes in and tells him Sun-woo is there. “He wants to see you. Should I tell him to come back?”

Sun-woo breaks in and says he wants to talk to him. When Secretary Kim tries to stop him, Choi tells the minion to get out. Sun-woo strolls over and sits on a visitor’s chair.


Choi mocks him asking why he looks so beat up instead of crowing in victory?

He says he’s been waiting for him. He didn’t know what he would have found out from twenty years ago, but he waited anyway. He’s a patient man. “So did you find anything?”

Sun-woo says, “Yes, you’re not a complete liar.  You didn’t kill him or hire someone to do it. That surprised me, I apologize for suspecting you.”

“Did Jung-woo tell you?” Choi wonders.

Sun-woo says he only believes in facts and hands over the flash drive.

Sun-woo lists a bunch of Choi’s crimes: accessory after the fact, getting rid of the body, destroying evidence, obstruction, arson, blackmail etc.

He announces he will keep hating Choi, thank you very much.  He suggests Choi reconsider making any offensive moves towards Sun-woo. Because Sun-woo could hurt him a lot more.  Sun-woo says he’s not bluffing, like Choi does. He has facts.

Choi appears as confused as ever – but after watching the video, his eyes almost pop out the head seeing and hearing him talking to Jung-woo all those years ago.


Young Young-hoon is at the train station with the two girls.

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h54m12s224They are not pleased that Sun-woo didn’t show up. (Apparently they know nothing about the death…hmmm.)  So-ra leaves, while Future Wifey threatens her behind her back. Young-hoon attempts to flee, but Future Wifey doesn’t let him go, calling them “Partners.”  She mocks him for using polite language with her, and drags him towards the train. She tells him she has money so he doesn’t need any.

Flash to present –  the happy family is in the car. The littlest one doesn’t have her mittens.  Young-hoon, who is paying less attention than usual, was just about to pass the school, when they yell at him to stop. He looks very sad.vlcsnap-2013-04-02-18h56m39s165

He takes his phone and finds a message from Sun-woo.

“My last message to you, Young-hoon. I know you are curious, but I can’t tell you the secret about my brother.  You were right – I couldn’t help, so I give up. The incense sticks are a curse not a blessing.   I shouldn’t have eaten the forbidden fruit. Some secrets are meant to stay hidden.  Bringing back someone from the dead is not up to man.  I know it now and I feel like a fool. But that’s the way I am.  And I’m…”

The call is cut off. Stranding his wife, Young-hoon drives over to Sun-woo’s house, even climbing over the wall when Sun-woo doesn’t answer the bell.  (It is quite impressive.)


He runs upstairs and finds Sun-woo passed out, phone in pieces on the floor of the bathroom.  He tries to bring him around, but his friend doesn’t regain consciousness.


Min-young is talking to her mother on the phone as she approaches Sun-woo’s house. She sees his car, and announces she is going in to talk to him.

Back in Sun-woo’s room, Young-hoon is desperately searching for something. He knows this will be the end of his friend if he cannot find the incense.  He asks where the container is.  “You said you were going to find a way to live! Why are you dying?”


Sun-woo says he got rid of them because he doesn’t need them anymore.

Young-hoon is upset. He shakes Sun-woo asking why did you throw them away?

“Guess,” Sun-woo says. “It’s a riddle.”

Young-hoon keeps asking where the incense is and for Sun-woo to snap out of it!

Sun-woo tells him he’ll never find them.

Flashback. We see Sun-woo take his laptop, flash drive. He pulls out the incense holder with the two remaining sticks  and leaves it on the table deliberately.


“The sticks are back in 1992, and we are back where we started.  We didn’t know about the sticks a month ago. It’s no big loss. It was all a fantasy anyway.”

His friend, knowing there is no hope, sits on the rug by the bed,  hands in his hair.

In the past, we see flames encasing the incense.  Young-hoon despairs.

He hears someone come in — Min-young. He asks why she came and she tells him.

He lies that they were out drinking the night before so he stayed over.

She says she tossed and turned worrying that Sun-woo didn’t answer his phone, and you guys were out having fun?

Young-hoon tells her Sun-woo is sleeping. She wants to see him. With no reason not to, he lets her to go upstairs.  He’s probably hoping as much as I am that she can revive him.

She goes into his room and lets out a sigh.

vlcsnap-2013-04-02-19h07m53s252Sun-woo looks horribly sick lying there on the bed. Min-young, noticing all the opened drawers, starts closing them.

Downstairs Young-hoon sits. He calls and schedules a surgery.

“Joo Min-young?” Sun-woo says barely above a whisper. She turns even though it isn’t her name. “When did you come?”

“Just now,” she replies.

“What, are you a stalker? Why are you always where I am?”

She says “I’m not a stalker, just concerned about you.”

He sits up and asks her to come closer, then pats a spot near him on the bed for her to sit. She seems reluctant.

“What happened with the news broadcast? Did it go well?”

Of course it did.

“What was I thinking? Leaving you at the desk?” He smiles.vlcsnap-2013-04-02-19h09m33s219

Can I ask you a question?  He says, yes.

Will you answer me?   He says he will try.

Why did you run out?  Secret.

Why’d you hit dad?  Secret.

Are you sick?  Secret.

You said you’d try.   Ask me an easy one.

Why did you call me Joo Min-young?  Did not.

You just called me Joo Min-young.  Don’t you remember?

He considers the word and their love and her existence for a moment.

I’m Park Min-young.

No, you are Joo Min-young. He says it with complete confidence.

You just don’t remember.

He puts his hand tenderly near her face. I only remember Joo Min-young.


What does that mean?

Try to answer it. It’s a riddle.

She complains, if it’s not a secret, it’s a riddle.

And you’ll never get them right.

He stares through her again, his eyes well up.

She takes all the emotion he is giving her and returns it, but she doesn’t know why or how she feels this and she cries, too.

He tries to smile, but fails.vlcsnap-2013-04-02-19h11m17s236

Why are you crying? Secret.

We watch the incense container engulfed in flames.vlcsnap-2013-04-02-19h11m46s16

And I am very very upset. Even after the fifth  seventh time.

Jomo’s Comments

This was a dark episode, both in tone and in visuals.

Whenever things get bleak, I look for the tiniest hope like a spot of brightness up there in the dark clouds.  If we go back to the first episode, first scene, we saw a hopeless Sun-woo find his spot of brightness all the way up there in Nepal. He grabbed onto her and assured himself a companion through his final battle with life.   I feel like that is where we are again.  Lots and lots of badness happened between those two moments, yes, but at least we have the essentials: Man Woman Love.  He just needs to remind her brain what her heart already knows. That she and Sun-woo were MFEO.*

I can’t talk about what I saw in the preview, but I will tell you, I look ahead with dread – knowing our hero has some darkness to get through still, as well as faith – knowing that at least he has a light to help guide him.

*Made For Each Other

EE’s thoughts

I felt this ep was almost Shakespearean in terms of tragedy. Hello, is Hyung Jung Woo Lady Macbeth or WHAT? We still don’t know for a fact who pushed Daddy Park (even though Hyung takes responsibility) and I think there may be something to the identity of the hired hand who started the fire. His face was obscured, so I get the idea that he is someone we know or WILL know but haven’t met yet. Maybe it is my inner cynic, but he had lines of dialog, therefore he is not some nameless extra. I find myself believing in Park Sun Woo, even when he doesn’t. We see the clinic going up in flames and the canister with the incense burning . . . and it reminds me that Hyung had a similar canister on the mountains in Nepal. It wasn’t blue, but a tarnished gold color. Maybe he was given the canister after the fire. I hate that things are going to hurt more before it gets better, but it is this soul torturing stuff that makes redemption so sweet.

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20 Responses to Nine: Time Travel – Episode 8 Recap

  1. jomo143 says:

    EE – good catch on the darker colored cannister – that means there are only three left, or less because Hyung and SW used some? Oh, it is an Ouroboros worm!!

  2. iviih says:

    but EE the guy who put fire is Choi`s secretary… the same eyes… or I`m confused?

    • EE says:

      Choi’s current (2012) secretary? Isn’t he too young to be an adult in 1992? I would have guessed he was about Park Sun Woo’s age, if not 5 years younger.

  3. jomo143 says:

    I have a question that may be a translation issue on my part.
    So does Hyung KNOW about the time travel changes that SW effected?
    Is he aware his daughter used to be SW’s girl, or did he die in the mountains before that ever happened?

    • Laquita says:

      No, the only one besides SW who knows about things changing is YH whom he told. JW died in the original reality finding the sticks, but no one else has 2 memories except for SW & YH.

  4. Laquita says:

    Thanks again for the recap!
    I like how SW’s going back, changing things and knowing things he shouldn’t have known is being compared to eating of the Tree of Knowledge. Like Eve, Sun Woo was tempted to go back and change things for the better and he finds out information he would have been better off not knowing. His eyes are now open and he is aware of things that he didn’t need to know. Eve was tempted by the serpent and therefore tempted her husband, once they ate of the fruit they were aware they were naked, their eyes were opened. That’s when sin entered the world. Much like SW going back and changing things, he opened up something that should have been left in the past.

  5. Korazy Lady says:

    So happy to find your recaps, Jomo! I had a hard time with this episode, especially as it became very apparent that it wasn’t going to go the way I had hoped. And I just realized Nine has 20 episodes, not 16, so I’m getting the feeling that we have a very long, hard road ahead.

    Thanks for the good recap work. Wish I was able to get to the DB meet up – I would have looked forward to meeting you!

    • jomo143 says:

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂
      DON’T leave us! I know. I know. There are some difficulties ahead for the Parks and Joo…but at least we get to look at LJW along the way.

      Wish I could meet you, too. I am hoping there are other official meet-ups once this one gets things rolling. We could do our own, too.

  6. antonia says:

    started watching this drama and i’m so hooked!!! love your recaps, love SW and love this drama so much <333
    i don't know how i will wait for next weeks epis, need to rewatch old ones…

    • jomo143 says:

      It IS good, isn’t it? I love everything about it, obviously.
      It reminds me of my experience watching QIHM where I would crawl up on my chair, yell at the screen, and melt with the romantic sweetness or sadness, tears plopping out of my eyes.
      But also, time travel is my absolute favorite type of story to boot.
      Please keep coming back and discuss here. The recaps are getting a lot of views, I would love to know what the audience thinks!

  7. This is my first time visiting this blog and post comment. I agree for the similarities between Nine and QIHM, and I experience the same feeling too. That doctor bestfriend is kinda male version of Hee Jin ‘s manager in the way he treated him. and we know he act like that because he is worrying about SW. That character consistency of Park Min Young, they have it in QIHM too. The moment when SW has two memories while MY doesn’t remember anything at all. In QIHM it was Hee Jin who lives with two memories while KBD lost his memory. Both SW and KBD finally thought that the incense (and the amulet in QIHM) was a curse.
    I still hope a happy ending for MY and SW eventhough we clearly see that SW is dead in the preview of ep 9. Seon Woo, fighting!

    • jomo143 says:

      Welcome aboard!
      Oooh! Good connections there. KBD talks to the monk about all that, doesn’t he?

      I have to say if there isn’t a happy ending, I will be surprised, which is why I love it. This PD/writer combo seem to excel in delivering a good balance between lots of heart stopping action and angst, then those lovely, breathless moments between the OTP. They know how to manipulate the audience and I feel we are in secure hands.

      • That’s true… I remember crying endlessly watching ep 13 & 15 of QIHM, but then I got worthy rewards on ep 14 & 16. The team really knows how to play with our hearts in good way.

  8. Julia says:

    I am confused about where the red table cloth room is. There is fire, and folks are assuming it is at the hospital, but I am not sure. I also don’t know for sure if fire would destroy the sticks since they are in that container.

    I do know that Jin Wookie’s deep looks have me swooning over this drama. I tried watching some of Before and After Plastic Surgery to get more of Wookie, but he didn’t have the same effect on me. NINE gets my blood pumping, my brain questioning, my creativity bubbling … it is great.

    Thanks for the recaps.

    • jomo143 says:

      I’m thinking it’s a break room for the hospital staff? Was there a fridge in there, or did I imagine it?
      He was very beautiful I Need Romance 2012, which was surprisingly good and lower key, I think, than INR the first. He was also adorably wooden in Spy Myung Wol, but you have to put up with an awful lot of awful plot to enjoy him in that. Oh oh oh, and really cute and really wooden in Air City.
      I have a wounded puppy photo somewhere…Here:

  9. Julia says:

    I’m left wondering what Sun-Woo the younger is thinking. Sun-Woo knows that someone claiming to be his future self tried to stop his Dad from getting killed, then Dad does die in a fire just like was predicted, and I would think that would create such a sense of self-blame for Sun-Woo. I picture him brooding and thinking as he recuperates in the hospital. I hope we get to see a lot more of Sun-Woo … maybe having a heart-to-heart with younger Dr Han. I want to see the brilliant mind of Sun-Woo in the younger man’s body as he puzzles out the secrets being kept from him.

    • jomo143 says:

      You have a good point about SW the Younger going about his life with all those strange events playing out over and over. Is he the one that gets the last two sticks to himself, but if it is him, why doesn’t Adult SW know? It can’t be YH, either, because he would know.

      EE says it is Hyung. Who else is there?

      I would love to see the younger versions more. I totally buy they are the same characters as the adult ones. Great casting and acting. Especially the YHs. They must have hung out a lot and copied each other’s mannerisms. But how can we, the audience, get back to the past? We have no sticks?!!! WE NEED STICKS!

      Plus, Mom has to know something. She isn’t going to forget the nice handsome man that bought her glasses. Unless she was blinded by all the shock of watching her husband die, wouldn’t she remember Adult SW as the guy that came crashing in out of nowhere?

  10. Midori says:

    Just finished this episode & wanted to let you know that your comments about Dad were too kind. He is a complete, batshit @($@ asshole.

  11. Telzey says:

    I love the question and answer session: Are you sick? It’s a secret. You said you’d try. Ask me an easy one. Ahh. He’s in such a hard spot. He knows the other timeline and he can’t tell her.

    • jomo143 says:

      I am so glad you are reading these and enjoying them.

      That was actually my favorite scene in the drama. So heartbreaking. LJW looked sooo horrible and sick and sad and did an awesome job. Still hurts!

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