Nine: Time Travel Nine Times: This is Not a Recap

ninekissI am on my second watch of the first two episodes of Nine, etc. In under five minutes, I was sold on Show, and at that point decided I would be going the whole nine yards for the 20 episodes.

Short list of reasons:
Lead actor: Lee Jin Wook  Acting skills aside, which are not the best nor the worst, the man is a long week-end for the eyes, from every angle, with every crinkly smile. Knowing he had a long term relationship with Choi Jin Woo, an older woman, doesn’t hurt either.  They gave him a straight-shooting character who we will get to see fall apart later on. I can’t wait!

Director/Writer team – Kim Byung Soo/Song Jae Jung. Together they worked on Vampire Prosecutor the First, and Queen In-hyun’s Man, which I loved. He also directed the two Chosun Police comedies, and she wrote Coffee House.

The director/writer draw me the most; even the best actors in the world can’t save a boring story and leaden directing. The 45 minute episode length makes a HUGE difference because they have to be so much keener on what makes it to the screen and what gets cut. Did anyone notice that difference between the first and second seasons of VP? The creative team in VP2 decided to go with the 60 minute formula which feels bloated in comparison.


Uhm Hyo Sup – He is the Boss and supportive friend. If you want to see him do a skin crawling psycho, watch HIT from back in 2007. I still get shivers thinking about that character. In QIHM, he played Min Am, the bad guy you could not underestimate. Never stupid and always dangerous, he kept us guessing until the end.
If you check out his D-wiki page, you’ll see UHS has kept very busy since his debut in both films and dramas.  Even though he does evil well, he has very kind eyes, so it makes me happy he is a good guy.

do c

Lee Seung-joon He is Dr. Young Hoon. His Hancinema page shows he has a steady film career but this is his first drama. Strangely, I have seen five (!) of his movies but cannot place him.  He is intense, and I think the scenes between him and LJW are amazing.


Oh Min Suk  He is the doc’s hoobae and Hancinema is reports he plays Jo Yoon-hee’s (ex?) boyfriend. Really? Why does he look sooooo familiar?

Bjakehanecause he played the auburn tinted fake American designer from I Do, I Do.


Seo Woo Jin (As Girlfriday says – You’re welcome!)  We haven’t seen him yet, but he will be playing the younger version of dead Hyung in flashbacks. You recognize him because he played Suk Jong in the scenes from Joseon QIHM. He also bravely acted as a homosexual man in the 2009 film Hello My Love.

Supporting cast. I get overly real excited noting which actors played what roles previously.
Some of the connections are to QIHM. A whole slew of actors in smaller roles from VP are in QIHM, so I expect we will see these supporting folks here, too. It is always fun to imagine the cast and crew reuniting from one project to another, even the bit players. Has anyone spotted any between VP1 and QIHM?

This has to be an inside joke: darnksuitbluetie

Dark Suit/Blue Striped Tie: This guy (looking for his name) played the security guard on the plane in QIHM, and then the last second replacement anchor in Nine when our hero disappeared. His character’s name in Nine is Yoon Suk Hyun. Why is that important? Because that is Lee Jin Wook’s character’s name is in I Need Romance (2012). I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he is part of the crew, or someone’s brother in law. Does anyone remember him in VP1? I would love to see him in the same suit and tie in there, too.

I don’t know anything about the lead girl, Jo Yoon Hee. So far, I like they are showing her as strong and honest.

VP and QIHM couldn’t be more different as far as the romance. VP had none, where the driving force of QIHM was the love line. What both shows did well, however, was the strong connections between the characters. Yun Jung Hoon’s gaze at Lee Young Ah melts me every time. QIHM redefined lingering looks as a form of porn.

When comparing QIHM to Nine, what concerns me right now is we have the typical bickering OTP, rather than an affectionate couple who enjoy each other when together and WANT to be together when separated. My hope is once we get past the conflict of “I-love-you-but-you’re-dying-so-I’m-afraid-to-connect-to-you,” we have instead a woman and a man who love each other on borrowed time. THAT is what QIHM did phenomenally well.

Time Travel
My favorite plot trick is time travel. When done poorly or sloppily, it can be LOL funny. Dr. Jin is a textbook example.
But I am very forgiving of most attempts. Maybe because I have written a really bad time travel novel that nobody should EVER read, and understand how difficult it can be to get right. Willing to overlook most anachronisms and issues of plausibility, I look more to how they use the separation of time as an added pressure the characters have to deal with and the inevitability of events that already happened, ALONG with the original plot.

Nine has not explained how TT works yet. You know what? I don’t care. In my story, a mystical watch© made it happen. Back to the Future decided it was a flux capacitor in a DeLorean. While I understand there should be rules within the fake world, I throw out plausibility when I accept that TT happens at all. Reality is not what we are looking for in our entertainment.

It makes me very happy to have a show that keeps butting into my everyday thoughts. I will be coming back from time to time to dump these ideas on this show. It would be great to hear what you see and like, too.

For those who want to read a real recap of the first and second episodes, here are the ones from Dramabeans:

Episode 1

Episode 2

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4 Responses to Nine: Time Travel Nine Times: This is Not a Recap

  1. may tae lee says:

    Love this show 😛

  2. JoAnne says:

    This is excellent, Jomo. The writing is crisp and the conversational tone is perfect. And I, too, get overly excited by connections and inside jokes, so you sharing what you noticed with us makes me happy!

  3. Julia the Berkshire Beanie says:

    Here is why I love Sun-Woo:

    You want to hear the facts or fantasy?

    “You want to hear the facts? When I heard that I was going to die soon I had two things on my mind. One was my mother. Who would take care of her when I am gone. ‘This is no good’. That’s what I thought. That’s why I looked for my brother, so that I could ask him to take care of my mother.

    The other was that I have a hot bed scene with Joo Min Young before I die. Something like that. I was startled too. There are so many beautiful girls in the world. It was not the beautiful models in my computer file. It was not the glamorous anchor that was hitting on me. Why do I feel I couldn’t close my eyes until I had my chance for a bed scene with Joo Min Young?

    I’m just stating the facts. If you do go out with someone, remember what I tell you. If a man says he will be happy seeing you smile for the rest of his life, he is a liar. If someone is talking like me, marry him. He is an honest man.

    Are you disappointed?

    You want me to tell you the fantasy version?

    For the last 5 years, Joo Min Yong was just a junior at my work who had a lot to learn. But her mind was always fixed on being a girl. When I learned I was going to die, I realized something. That I had loved her for those 5 years. I realized that there was not a moment in those 5 years that I didn’t love her. But it was too late. So I wanted to be with her for the remaining months to give her everything I could. If she knew that I was sick, I thought that I would never see the smile of the girl I love again. That’s why I wanted to keep it a secret.

    What importance does that smile have? I’m trying my best to be cheerful. But I feel I want to cry multiple times a day. It’s not just a smile. It’s everything for me.

    If someone tells you fantasies like this, he is a liar. OK. Don’t fall for it.”

    “Why does the fantasy sound more real?”

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