Itoshi Kimi E (2004)

Itoshi Kimi E  (2004)

Recommended by Joonni. It reminded me of a Lee Kyung Hee K-drama.

Stars Fujiki Naohito and Kanno Miho in a wonderful romantic and weepy series that I really could have watched forever. I kept putting off watching the next episode so I could savor my time with these characters. Shunsuke is the photographer fated to lose his eyesight, and once again Fujiki is a beautiful thing to behold. I love his gentle voice. Shiki, the doctor he meets at the start of his new his journey, is a fabulous heroine: strong, intelligent, reasonable, forthright; she also has a voice that is easy to listen to.
I liked everyone; it is a rare show with no bad guys, and no annoying people taking up valuable screen time.
Warning! Contains children who will make you cry – in a good way.
Amazing ensemble cast. It felt like someone decided to film these people who just happened to have some interesting things going on in their lives. Everyone performed naturally. Especially loved Shunsuke’s traditional mother and Shiki’s loud and emotional father.
I usually stay away from stories with illness stricken heros or heroines, so this hit all the right notes for me. It was touching without being overwrought with enough humor to help you laugh after the pain.

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