Japanese Doramas have a hold on me

It started with Hana Kimi, which I wanted to watch to compare to the new Korean version, but it was Rich Man, Poor Woman that has been driving me for more more more.

About three weeks later, I have watched about eight or nine. Long Vacation is my favorite. Here is the OTP of Sena and Minami.


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9 Responses to Japanese Doramas have a hold on me

  1. I believe it started with Hotaru no Hikari, then Gokusen, and on and on it goes….. yet another language I wished I understood 100% to speed up my drama watching and not have to struggle to find subs.

    Imagine the pain, when you watch couple of episodes and even after 7 years the rest of the drama is not subbed *heart break*

    • denwanai says:

      Loved Hotaru no Hikari (glad you did too) and Absolute boyfriend. I am now starting Nobuta o Produce. After a year of Kdramas, I am enjoying the difference style of Japanese dramas. The only kdrama I am watching in “A wife’s credentials” but I can’t find any subbed eps after ep 7. So upsetting and frustrating. I loved the actors, the writing, the music.

  2. joonni says:

    So you’ve discovered the beauty of Jdoramas! Which ones have you watched?

    • jomo143 says:

      I am hoping I keep the page: J Dorama Thoughts up to date with what I have watched,
      using this blog to track and store my J-dorama impressions.
      I wish I had done that with K-dramas, since it has been a long and fruitful journey, and my first impressions are now long gone.

  3. joonni says:

    Oh wait, I see the THnK header. Did you love it? I love it. I think it’s number 2 on my favorite dorama list. Such a swoony, romantic drama. Felt like a Lee Kyung-Hee drama to me. She wrote “Will it Snow For Christmas” and others.

    • jomo143 says:

      I really did like it. I sobbed through it and after it ended.
      My first tears – at the moment Hiroto put his hand out behind his back for Nao to take – took me by surprise, wondering “What is going on here? Why am I so touched?” I watched the whole show in one day, ignoring my family for a good bit.
      It must have been the pairing of Ayase Haruka’s pureness with Kame’s earnestness.
      How he got to be cast as the illegal fishing factory worker, I can’t figure out, but it worked. Put a little smudge on his cheek with filthied up coveralls and pretty boy pop star instantly becomes poverty stricken handy man. LOL.
      It also surprised me to find many nay sayers in online reviews about his performance. They said he had blank expressions and no emotions. I found the opposite to be true.

      So, yes, I am a Kame fan. Go figure. He is the LAST type of man I am attracted to IRL.

      • joonni says:

        I LOVED that hand-holding sweet. As you said, it was such a surprise, such a sweet gesture.
        I literally died when he rubbed Nao’s ears later in the story. So intimate and rare. I loved the detail.

        I loved Kame from watching Nobuta and I thought he was great as Hiroto. I didn’t know there were that many naysayers. Huh…

        He may be a skinny little pop boy but I think he has the face made for the screen. It stands out and it’s expressive.

  4. tarianant says:

    Awww that picture brings a lot of memory, I still remember they were running on the street. Great show. Long Vacation made me watch Asia Drama although I only watch kdrama now. Nice blog, Jomo. I’ll be reading ^^

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